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For my entire life I’ve had a sense of incompleteness, like there was always a little something missing. I just knew I was destined for a greater calling. This hit me really hard around 2010. I had just married the love of my life and moved from the beautiful state of Utah to Edmond, Oklahoma. I was a single mom for a couple of years before this so I was very eager and excited to step into the new role of wife and stay at home mother to my young daughter. I soon found myself again seeking for the “something” more.

I started training very hard at the gym with a personal trainer. She convinced me I should do a fitness competition. I was driven with undeniable dedication and determination. I won my first show and qualified for a national competition with the best of the best.  Months later and countless hours of very strenuous work in and outside the gym I took the stage with a shredded six-pack. I placed. But once again, my soul longed for more. My body and mind had been pushed so hard that I was left exhausted.

Through this process my husband and I had tried to have a baby with no luck. We decided it was time to step up the game. I started to obsess about the next chapter in my life. It was to have a baby with the man I loved. Surely this is what I was missing?

After several years of negative test and my body pumped full of hormones we conceived. To say I was happy would be a massive understatement.  At our 12 week appointment I piled my mother-in-law, daughter and husband in car. This was the week we would hear the baby’s heart beat and finally see our child. When the doctor let us know there was no heart beat, we all cried and left more empty than when we started the entire process. I was devastated to say the least.

I read online how yoga could help fertility. That same day I ran across a studio in Oklahoma that was offering a special on a monthly package and I knew it was a sign. I started my journey at a beautiful studio called Soul Yoga. At first it was a nice distraction from the pain but quickly transcended into dealing with the pain and loss. For the first time in my life I was learning to live moment to moment. I was hooked with the feeling yoga provided my Mind, Body and Soul.

Two years later, I finished my 200 Hr teaching training with the very enlightened Tiffany Cruikshank. Slowly, Yoga taught me “I am enough” and that there is nothing in this world that could feed my soul more than loving my true self.

Fast Forward to present day and three beautiful studios later I strive to show others and myself our greatest strength is self love and love to others. Living in the moment is all we need. I am blessed beyond measure to share my love and passion for yoga on a daily basis and show others the enlightenment yoga offers to us all.